My new toy

Finally I’ve entered the world of the iPad 2. After saying for ages that it wasn’t something I’d ever use, I’ve found I’m attached to it all day.
I’ve been an Apple convert for about a year and I must admit I’ve been very happy with the technology. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone and both have been very reliable. A few people had mentioned that I should look at an iPad as it would be great for email and for the writing that I do.
My boss has been very pro the iPad and given me a lot of suggestions for apps to try. The best one I’ve found so far is called ‘Planetary’. It uses your music library and displays a 3D version of the solar system on the screen. I love astronomy and to have that in the corner of a darkened room while listening to anything from Pink Floyd to David Guetta is brilliant! Add this to my guitar playing and I reckon the neighbours will be pleased to see the back of me!
I also plan on using it to showcase my photography as I build my portfolio for my professional work.
The downside is that I now have to get my photos up to date. No excuses lady, get off your backside and do some work!