TV Influence

I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit to, watching TV in the last month. This isn’t out of choice, but more out of not wanting to go crazy while being ill and while trying to recover.

Today I was catching up on some of the programs I have recorded over the last week, as the weather really put me off venturing outside. I found myself particularly drawn in by ‘Happy Valley’. It was a recommendation and I have to confess, I’ll be making sure I catch up on the previous series.

As I was watching Sarah Lancashire’s character sergeant Catherine Cawood, battle her way through a¬†gruesome find, I wondered how many characters of TV have inspired members of the public to take on a career.

There are many who see television, particularly fictional dramas or soaps, as being useless and mind-numbing, but as I was watching the portrayal of a police officer’s work, I wondered about those who have perhaps taken (or will take) up a job in the force thanks to a series such as this.

I remember watching The X-Files (the first time round) and being inspired by the character of Scully. Not simply because she (almost) made having ‘ginger’ hair bearable, but because of the work that she carried out and the things she was able to uncover through science. It was because of this series that I moved on from wanting to be a paramedic (that was the fault of ‘Casualty’) and instead, work towards Forensic science.

Of course, my ability to remain focused in College disappeared when I started working for the BBC and I fell head over heels for Radio, but there was a large period of my life which was almost shaped, thanks to the work of Actors and Actresses on ‘the box’.

I guess it’s one of the only ways we are exposed to these lives as children. Unless friends or family are in a job, how else can we know what one can involve? Obviously, I appreciate that the jobs aren’t exactly how they¬†seem on the TV, but there is a large amount of truth in these shows (The X-Files not so much!).

I am wishing that I had paid more attention to ‘The Good Life’ when growing up though. As daft as it may seem, the self-sufficient lifestyle is becoming more and more appealing as I get older!