Technology thoughts

It’s the daily drudge of the average working persons life. You get up, you go to work, you break for food, you go home, you have food, you go to bed. Maybe a bit of the gym/social. Sometimes, if like me you commute on a train, you also spend an unfair amount of your day stood on a train going nowhere fast, but we won’t dwell on that today.

With life for so many being so predictable and, sometimes boring, it’s no wonder that so many of us find ourselves seeking happiness and gratification in material possessions. In particular technology. How many of us have at least two forms of mobile technology these days? A mobile telephone, a laptop, a tablet… how much of it do we actually need?

Personally I find myself missing the days of stepping outside the house and not being able to contact anyone. However, I remember getting really frustrated at a friend who refused to have a mobile while I stood for ages waiting for them in the middle of Stroud Town centre one Saturday night!

Technology brings with it, a lot of problems. I wonder if our increase in stress and depression are related to the fact that we, as a society are constantly connected. When was the last time you went an entire day without looking at social media/your phone/tablet/the internet? I’m just as bad as everyone else, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of these to sit and go on about how amazing my life is since I gave up technology or anything daft like that. And honestly, I have to wonder if it’s something that I could even do.

I find I’m quite an anxious person these days when it comes to knowing where people are. Simple things like where my Dad is, if he’s gone off on a bike ride and not returned when he should. Or when a friend says they’re coming round and they are later than normal (very few of my friends are ever on time!). If I can’t get hold of them on their phone, after a while I get worried. I think it stems from a few friends losing loved ones unexpectedly. I appreciate that’s a very negative way of looking at life, but there comes a time when we are all reminded of our own mortality.

On the other side of the electronic nightmare that is our lives today, there is no doubting the amazing things that it now gives us. I jumped on the tube the other day and took up my fairly usual location of leaning up against the glass overlooking my fellow passengers who were lucky enough to grab a seat. A woman sat near me was checking her phone and I found myself being nosey. I hate those that read over people’s shoulders, but I was captured by what I saw when I had turned around. She was flicking through pictures of 3D imaging of her baby. I found myself wondering what people 50 or 60 years ago would have thought, had they been able to see their unborn child like that. There’s no doubting that it makes our life better in so many ways. But are we capable of making technology work for us, rather than letting it control our lives?

**written on my laptop, on a train, with my mobile next to me and signed in to social media**