Travels of 2014 -Trip 3 (poem)

A little poem I wrote on my flight from London Heathrow to New York JFK on 9th Feb (and while waiting to get to the terminal building)!


Those crisp high peaks with wispy hair, no movement do they make
As crimson light from ageing sun, transforms those hills to lakes
Those sharp white clouds they are no more, they’re nestled in evening glow
With pins of gold and red shone through, natures closing show

Flying towards that dying sun, the gentle fading light
Westward bound, now clouds reveal, the mountains snow-capped white
The lights below begin to flicker, as mankind makes their way
Through darkened streets and winding roads, to finish off their day

The mountain ranges of Canada, they stretch out far ahead
With twilights glow and reflected white, the ground so few do tred
Now rested here at JFK, watching snow flakes fall
A blanket clean and crisp to touch, it slows us, makes us crawl

So now New York, what delights have you, for my month long stay?
Hard work no doubt, but laughter too, trying to keep cold at bay
This beautiful City, with so much to do, somewhere you have to see
It’ll charm your soul and make you smile, such a refreshing place to be.

Poetry – You’ll see me

Just to clarify, I wrote the following poem earlier today. I hope people like it.

You’ll see me in the morning sun and in the twilight sky,
You’ll hear me laughing in the breeze as I learn just how to fly.
When you are sad and think of me, don’t think of me as gone,
I’m not my body, flesh and bone, my spirit keeps living on.
I’m not one who, can be broken apart, or lost without a trace,
I’m alive in all you say and do, but you just can’t see my face.
I want see and hold you tight but that time now has passed,
Like a summer day, gone too soon, our lives go by so fast.
I’ll tell you this, just one more thing, before I join the sky,
Each day I lived, I loved you so, it’s hard to say goodbye.
Please don’t cry and waste your days thinking what might have been,
Remember those little things we did, which made our life a dream.
You’ll see me in the morning sun and in the twilight sky,
You’ll hear me laughing in the breeze as I teach someone else, how to fly.

Euro 2012 – Warsaw

I am sat in the office doing some prep and waiting for Group C to kick off. I am boiling. There is a breeze through the square but we’re not getting the benefit in our room. The servers are doing their best to battle any cooling that might be floating around… Anyway, as I guess those of you currently in the cold and wet parts of the UK will be starting to wish me ill, I’ll stop there.

My latest blog offering follows Poland’s exit the other night…


The passion rings throughout the square
All colours flying proud
Countries together for one event
Their chants and cheers so loud

The atmosphere builds and pressure mounts
To see the victor rise
The smiles and cheers I’ll not forget
The memory will never die

More fly in as others leave
But one thing stays behind
The hopes and dreams of all who pass
Their colours flying high

The whistle blows, the pain is clear
You feel it all around
Those chants and dreams now locked away
I miss that cheerful sound

Still what we have is plain to see
Some great games will be played
A shock or two, you never know
Who’ll be at the Final day

Just a game

Slightly different ┬áto my previous posts – but I have the following little something I wanted to share during my lunch break at work!

My usual ramblings are sure to be back next week while I’m working away with tales from my travels!


I stand and wait for you to appear
My heart is beating fast,
I hope that this could be our day
And hope it’s not our last.

Each time I’m here I look above
And pray that this will be,
Our day to shine and smile and laugh
For everyone to see.

I’m not alone, I look around,
Everyone is here,
The same as me, our colours out
Ready to sing and cheer.

You appear at last, strong and sure
It’s there within your eyes,
The passion, drive and will to win
Our support will never die.

A game they say, that’s all it is
I ask them what that means,
A game it is, but more than that
It’s life, our soul, our dreams.