That time of the year

The next few weeks are going to be really exciting.

Not just because I start a new job and begin the hunt for a new place to live (as I’ve finally got a short list of places to look at!), but because we’re on the run in to the end of the Football season and the start of the F1 season.

Two of the football teams I follow are on for top of the table clashes today. Cheltenham Town travel to Swindon and St Neots Town are at home to Slough. Both huge games. Not to mention Forest Green Rovers keeping the playoff dream alive if they can come away with 3 points at Grimsby.

Meanwhile, with the F1 season kicking off next weekend, fans everywhere will be wondering whether the dominance of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel will continue. Can anyone come close? Personally I’m hoping that McLaren can build on last seasons form and fight back, but, with all the work the teams have done on the new aerodynamic packages I think we’re set for a turbulent season.

Relocation and dinner

My plan for this year was fairly simple. I’d be moving back to Gloucestershire and commuting to Moorgate in London every day. I’d even decided on the flat that I was going to try and get (close to Stroud train station) and then look to buy somewhere once I’d settled into the commute.

Now, I’m looking for a place in Oxfordshire, trying to establish a good commute to my new office while being within an hour or so of Gloucester. It looks like it will be possible, but I’m not very good at having so many choices.

It’s a bit like when I go out for dinner. I gaze at the menu for a while before announcing there are three possibilities. Then someone pipes up with the specials board and throws me into complete confusion over the addition of two more that I fancy. Cue a good 20 minutes of inner angst over which one to choose. Trying to work out if it will taste good and satisfy my hunger or leave me pining after everyone else’s dish and having to listen to someone in the corner say that they told me I should have gone for the Lasagne.

The upside with being indecisive with food, is that you can change your mind or order something else with the cost being minimal. You might get some odd looks or moaned at briefly but i can live with that.

A home on the other hand, tends to leave you with a hefty bill and a minimum term to live out. Slightly more complex than swapping Steak for Pizza. Although I’m not sure I’d do that… Maybe the Lasagne is the better choice… Sorry, where was I…

Now, my latest plan is centred around Witney in Oxfordshire. It’s still a fair commute to work but with more choices than the dreaded A40/M40 route. I can see a few weekend trips there coming up to see what it’s like. Can’t believe I’ve only got just two months before I need to hand my notice in at my current place. Where’s the time gone?!