End of season – finding my team of the year with a difference

As we approach the end of the Football season, other than who’s going up/down and who’s had the luckiest escape of the year, one of the big talking points is the player and manager of the year.

The likes of Aguero, Van Persie and Parker find themselves nominated for the PFA Player of the Year and as for thoughts on the Manager of the season, well, I think it’s unlikely to be ‘King Kenny’.

Rather than joining the millions of other people already debating this, I’ve found myself wondering about the season’s ‘Media Team Of The Year’. By this I mean the commentary team and anchor(s) that have most impressed this year. Either through sheer brilliance, knowledge or ability to convey what is happening/happened while giving us, the viewer/listener the best service.

While those on TV get to debate who their ‘Football Team Of The Year’ is, why shouldn’t we pick our own dreamteam to take us through a match. From the pre-match banter, to those at the ground taking us through the tackles, dives and goals, through to the post match analysis.

I think I need more time to publish my own ‘team’ but any suggestions are more than welcome for either Radio or TV. Obviously as this is a dreamteam, there’s no need to worry about the politics of which channel they’re working for.