The little things

It’s strange what can bring a smile to the face of a weary commuter into the capital.

Having faced regular train delays getting both to and from London, I found myself on my usual train this morning staring out of the window. My usual routine of doing some work or listening to music interrupted, I gave myself the chance to just, look. How often do I forget to do that? It’s actually quite relaxing watching the world fly by.

As we sped past Slough, I glanced up at the dappled sky and watched as two swans gracefully flew over the train and I couldn’t help but smile. While sat in my office over looking the Thames, I forget about nature. The glass buildings and concrete jungle masking this beautiful, giant beast which continues to live no matter what. I’m starting to understand why so many of my fellow City workers go on retreats!

If you can spare 5 minutes from your day today, stare at the sky/grass/tree or whatever nature has to offer near you. Just appreciate the free anti-stress experience she offers us everyday. I think I’m going to try and make it a regular thing.

Have a lovely day everyone.