Commuting and Summer

There is nothing quite like London in the Summer. Taking lunch by the Thames, the sun caressing the Shard, exploring Borough Market while avoiding the numerous cameras of tourists and being tucked under the armpit of a man on the Jubilee line.

As Queen’s, ‘I want to Break Free’ came on my Spotify playlist, my tube train pulled in to Waterloo. It opened its doors, welcomed several suited and booted men into the spacious 2 square feet of train I had all to myself and crammed me, sardine-like, up against the side of the train. In all fairness, I was tempted to compliment the owner of the armpit who had obviously taken great care in his personal hygiene today. No mean feat in the heat of the London Underground system. The owner of the size 10’s who stood on my foot twice however, was deserving of a slap.

This morning was slightly less of a trial I admit. Although I do wonder what happened to the American tourists at Baker Street who lost a child due to trying to get on the train when the doors were closing. They all got off, but left him on there. The woman was obviously distraught, but one of the gentlemen in the party simply said ‘He’s a big boy now, he’ll be fine’. There was no sign of said child at the next stop.

I was tempted, meanwhile, to shout at numerous people on the tube though. Walking slowly off the tube because you are reading your magazine/phone/book/paper/kindle/map/tourist guide (delete as appropriate) is not a good idea. If you cant multitask, focus on not hitting everyone while you move!

While writing this, trapped (although with a seat) on my First Great Painful train home, I have also been kicked. The man in question apologised, however,  he is having to cope with me elbowing him every two minutes. I think we are even.