Euro 2012 – Warsaw

I am sat in the office doing some prep and waiting for Group C to kick off. I am boiling. There is a breeze through the square but we’re not getting the benefit in our room. The servers are doing their best to battle any cooling that might be floating around… Anyway, as I guess those of you currently in the cold and wet parts of the UK will be starting to wish me ill, I’ll stop there.

My latest blog offering follows Poland’s exit the other night…


The passion rings throughout the square
All colours flying proud
Countries together for one event
Their chants and cheers so loud

The atmosphere builds and pressure mounts
To see the victor rise
The smiles and cheers I’ll not forget
The memory will never die

More fly in as others leave
But one thing stays behind
The hopes and dreams of all who pass
Their colours flying high

The whistle blows, the pain is clear
You feel it all around
Those chants and dreams now locked away
I miss that cheerful sound

Still what we have is plain to see
Some great games will be played
A shock or two, you never know
Who’ll be at the Final day