Nearly a week in

I arrived in Poland last Sunday and since then I just haven’t stopped. Unless you count ending most nights with a beer in the bar, usually at 1am after a long day in the office.

Each day has had its own highs and lows and some of the characters we’ve met so far have been entertaining. Including the costumed men and women who practically drag you to their restaurant and a very drunk, smiling man who, to be honest was very scary.

The team I’ve been closest too have been great. We’re in a small room near the main studio, with a view over the square toward the Warsaw stadium and various¬†musicians¬†outside the window. At this moment in time, it’s the turn of the Xylophone players again. Slightly better than the drummers.

We’ve had our own music going and complete with some interesting singing out of all three of us! There’s been the suggestion of starting our own band. A, would be our lead singer, myself on Guitar and M on the tambourine… we’re not sure we could let him loose on anything else… he’s not the most musical.

The strange thing about this kind of work is how much those around you become like family. We’ve fallen out (although nothing major yet), had laughs and got seriously stressed. I leave in just over a week and a bit… I’m already wondering where the time is going.