Start of the Poland adventure

The trip to Poland was supposed to fairly simple. Get on plane, get off plane, get cab to studio. For me, this entailed getting stuck for an hour in passport control and then nearly getting left behind by my cab. ┬áPassport control was basically my fault. If you’re ever behind me in a queue in a supermarket, pick another queue. No matter how long it is, do it. The queue I’m in will always take the longest.

Have to say that things have improved since then. ┬áThe biggest thing for me since I arrived is how quiet it is here in Warsaw. Other than the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) there’s very little around Warsaw which promotes Euro 2012. There have been a few people/cars with flags begin to appear, so I’m assuming it might ramp up a bit in the coming days.

Despite only being on my third day, I feel like I’ve been here weeks. The Polish have been very welcoming but I’m still scared to attempt to use any of my limited Polish language skills… I think it’s safer not to try. I know I’ll only end up getting stuck/confused/offending someone/everyone.