Obvious but not easy to do

Someone once told me that if I changed my way of thinking to be positive, that good things would happen. I laughed at him at the time. He’d just arrived back from the US where he’d been working as a presenter and participant in Wrestling. His life long dream. T is well known for being positive and that night in Cheltenham he made me realise that if I was to follow my dreams I had to start saying yes and believing in myself.
It didn’t happen over night. I made a few great choices in the following year or two, taking time to remove myself from a relationship which had become toxic (for us both) and a job that I’d taken because I felt it was what everyone else thought I should be doing.
It’s been several years since T and I had that chat. Sitting here, heading to work in London, I realise that I’m doing a job that everyone around me said I would never be able to do. I live in a gorgeous flat just 5 minutes from a football club I adore, Im back seeing old friends in Gloucestershire and training in a sport which most think I’m crazy for doing. Some have even tried to make me quit.
T’s advice is something I’d suggest to everyone. I’ve managed it in my professional life but not in my personal. That’s next on my list. I have  finally overcome my issues over my ‘worth’ in the last 6 weeks or so and I’m sure that will make me stronger. Hopefully it’ll also stop me from putting myself down. I’m not sure how I’m seen by men. I wonder if they think I put myself down to get compliments? It’s not the case. I’ve never known how to accept a compliment. It’s alien to me and possibly what comes of spending most of my life in a male world being treated as one of the guys.
I never realised just how much positivity affects what happens in our day to day life. Ive always thought it was some hippy philosophy taken up by those with no career path or by life coaches who tell you how amazing you are and you can achieve everything just by smiling.
You can’t achieve everything, but you can achieve a lot. The best bit? You feel so much better by the end of the day if you’ve spent it smiling instead of scowling. Try it for a day. I’d recommend that a Monday is probably not the best time to start as everyone will think you’re on something. Or having a breakdown. Depends how grumpy you are normally I guess.

2 thoughts on “Obvious but not easy to do

  1. Believing you can do something is a massive part of the battle, as once you have convinced yourself it becomes so much easier to convince everyone else as you have real conviction behind you. Its not that the world magically changes around you to make good things happen, its that you change the world so good things happen 🙂

    And as for accepting compliments, it took me a long time to learn, but simply smile and say thanks. And then add it to the glowing pile of happy inside to keep you going when its freezing cold and raining and you’re stuck at the wrong end of the river wondering wtf you are doing there!

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