Peaceful protests

Currently outside my office there are a number of tents. Not sure on how many, but there’s a lot. The protestors have been very quiet and there’s been no trouble (that I’m aware of).
Yesterday I had to take a visit to the top of one of my offices. From this floor you have a lovely view of the City, looking out over Finsbury Square. As I looked down, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The tents on the square are perfectly lined up. They are all positioned with such precision that they have a small gap between the tents and are situated in perfect lines to cover each foot of the square. Yet, it doesn’t look cramped. They have also erected a tent labelled ‘Media’. It’s organised like a small business. I wonder if they have a HR department.
Today sees the arrival of the Student protestors. I’m not sure whether we will see the same organisation or peaceful approach… I hope so. They have a point to their protest and if it gets hijacked by those with other ideas it would be a shame. I did have plans on getting home tonight… Time will tell.


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