People around us

Today was definitely a challenge. Hadn’t felt the best when I woke up and to be faced with the prospect of my working area of the City being close off due to the student protest on tuition fees, was not something I was relishing.
My journey in provided me with the perfect tonic. Just a couple of stops in, a gentleman got on and sat opposite me. He was sporting leopard skin boots. The weirdest part was that other than the footwear, he was dressed very sedately. Dark coat and dark coloured jeans. I was in too much shock and sat far too close to take a photo as proof for my blog.
I couldn’t imagine leaning over to him, ‘Excuse me, sorry, I’m just taking a photo of your boots, hope you don’t mind’. Guessing I’d get an amused look back and he’d either think I had a foot/boot fetish or was one of those annoying commuters who tweets/blogs on trains about everyone else. While I’m on that subject, the man opposite me now is eating a flapjack and drinking coffee. I’m jealous.
Anyway, while I was still staring at the mans boots (probably now just thinks I have a fetish), the train filled up and a woman got on to sit next to me. Up until this point I was considering tweeting (@sportmadchick) about the man in the boots, but thought better of it.
The woman sat down and from her small backpack, she pulled two knitting needles, a ball of wool and a partially knitted item. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone knit in the 8 years I’ve been doing this journey. She continued knitting until we reached London where she happily put it away and got off the train. I hope she manages to get it finished in time. Looked like it was for an item of babies clothing.
Oh and an update on the Finsbury Square camp… Couldn’t see a HR tent, but they do have a First Aid one. Safety first.

Peaceful protests

Currently outside my office there are a number of tents. Not sure on how many, but there’s a lot. The protestors have been very quiet and there’s been no trouble (that I’m aware of).
Yesterday I had to take a visit to the top of one of my offices. From this floor you have a lovely view of the City, looking out over Finsbury Square. As I looked down, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The tents on the square are perfectly lined up. They are all positioned with such precision that they have a small gap between the tents and are situated in perfect lines to cover each foot of the square. Yet, it doesn’t look cramped. They have also erected a tent labelled ‘Media’. It’s organised like a small business. I wonder if they have a HR department.
Today sees the arrival of the Student protestors. I’m not sure whether we will see the same organisation or peaceful approach… I hope so. They have a point to their protest and if it gets hijacked by those with other ideas it would be a shame. I did have plans on getting home tonight… Time will tell.