I should be dancing… Yeh….

Tuesday nights are normally sport nights. They’re one’s I spend training at the rowing club or watching the Football at St Neots Town.

But this week, I decided to venture to the local Ceroc class. This wasn’t my first time, but it’s been a while since I visited this venue and even longer since I managed to spend more than 15 minutes on the dancefloor due to injury.

I crept in, 45 minutes late (not unusual for me!) and found myself faced with a crowd of people dancing to ‘Hungry Eyes’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a typical girl and love the film Dirty Dancing, but had never heard that track at a Ceroc class before.

I placed my coat and bag at the side of the dancefloor and did my usual trick of hiding in the corner trying to work out the guys to avoid. This particular tactic is one to help prevent me from looking like a complete idiot when dancing. Some of the guys are very good and I would stand a high chance of injuring them (standing on feet, hitting them with a wayward arm etc).

When the intermediate class started, I began to get a lot of questions from the guys I was dancing with. All of them intrigued at the shirt I was wearing. It had the Forest Green Rovers emblem on it. Most were confused, others asked if I played for them and one just went ‘Oh’ and said nothing to me for the rest of the class.

I’m guessing there aren’t many women who turn up at a Ceroc class in a Football top, Salsa skirt and heels.

To top it off, I found out Forest Green won their match v Telford before I had one of my last dances. This prompted me to wander around with a smile on my face and then happily chatted to my partner about the club and their result. I’ve never seen a guy disappear so fast. A new record, even for me.

Next Tuesday, Cheltenham Town are playing… I think I may have to show my support by wearing my shirt at Ceroc. It’s only fair. Right…?